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“I heartily recommend Dringo as a truly robust and turnkey member benefit and service. It delivered suggested connections that the users would never have known they had.”

Mike Abraham, Executive Director @ Theta Tau

“Dringo has brought added value to the members of our organization by enabling ease of access to our vast network of professionals. We continue to receive positive feedback from our membership”.

Saundra Finley, Executive Director @ Phi Chi Theta
Light on talk

Heavy on opportunities

We identify 100s of 1000s of real jobs within your network and link your students & alumni with their alumni connections at these jobs.
Auto Job Population

We sift through millions of jobs every night to find and post all the jobs where alumni are inside connections.

  • Networking

    Each job contains the alumni networking connections for that job, with in app messaging.

  • Pre-Filtered

    We pull all our job data from LinkUp, which only pulls jobs from real company job RSS feeds.

Smart Job Search

Jobs are prioritized by how good the networking opportunities are for that job.

  • Prioritized Connections

    Jobs are ranked by how good the connection is. Top jobs have connections that work at the same local office and department offering the job.

  • Alumni Posted Jobs

    Jobs specifically posted by alumni are ranked higher than all jobs we find programmatically.

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Jobs Found In Networks
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