Are Your Students and Alumni Networking?

Make networking for jobs easy and immediately rewarding

Private Job Network

Students and Alumni find jobs they want and immediately connect with Alumni working at those companies. We link student and alumni's existing network of university alumni to jobs available within that network.

Auto Population

Students already have a large network in their alumni. We find and post all the jobs alumni are inside connections for.

Networking Opportunities

Each job contains the alumni networking connections for that job, with contact details.

Smart Search

Jobs are prioritized by how good the networking opportunities are for that job

How Does Dringo Work?

You have an existing alumni network already in workplaces across the country. Dringo partners with LinkUp, a national job aggregator, to identify jobs within your network and link your students with their alumni connections at these jobs. On Dringo, students & alumni can search those jobs.

Once a student finds and clicks on a job she wants, he can see the alumni she should network with to get that job, and she can reach out to these inside connections directly from the Dringo platform. The alumni attached to each job are ordered so that the best alumni connections are shown first.

Pre-Filtered Jobs

Pre-Filtered Jobs

Tired of wasting time looking for scammers and spammers? We pull all our job data from LinkUp, which only pulls jobs from real company job RSS feeds.

Setup In Four Easy Steps

  • Create your university's account by requesting an account.
  • Theme your account to look like your university.
  • Create your own invite email to go out to your students and alumni.
  • Upload your students and alumni.

Our trained professionals are also on hand to help you at any point in the setup process.

Great Features


Students find insider connections on every job posted on the job board


Students use internal messaging to network with other students and alumni


Students save job searches and get notified when a job fitting their description becomes available

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Stduents sign up as easily as clicking "Connect your LinkedIn," increasing signup rates and valid data


Theme your Dringo networking site to look like your organization, including your logo, colors and subdomain


Keep your Dringo networking site secure with one-time use MD5 hashed signup links

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