Dringo VS LinkedIn Groups

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Simply put, no.  While this may surprise you, you cannot use your membership in a LinkedIn group to find jobs.   

Let me give an example:  While on Linkedin, you can easily search jobs by your first connections by going to LinkedIn’s job search, clicking “all filters” and then selecting “in your network.”  Check out the gif below to see how that works.

However, LinkedIn does not allow you to search jobs by the connections you have in a group you belong to.  Look at LinkedIn’s “All jobs filters” below and you will see that there there is no option for searching jobs by a specific group:

What’s more, if I go to my old fraternity’s LinkedIn group page, I will not be able to search for jobs by fellow members of that group:

While LinkedIn provides a place for group members to post jobs, group members tend not to bother posting anything.   As an example, here is a photo of Theta Tau’s jobs section:

As you can see above, even though Theta Tau is a professional fraternity with over 5500 members in its LinkedIn group, when this screenshot was taken there wasn’t a single job posting.

To summarize, LinkedIn does not allow members to search jobs by groups they are in.