Who Can See and Contact Me On Dringo?

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Dringo is comprised of many organizational groups.  These groups, be they universities, fraternities, or other types of organizations have accounts.  If an organization that you are a part of signs up for Dringo, it’s up to them to invite you to their account.  All invites occur through email for security reasons.  

Only those who have been invited to an account have access to that account and the other people who are part of that account.  Those who have not been directly invited by an account admin through email are NOT able to access any of your information. 

Those who are part of your account will be able to see your profile.  However, they will not be able to see your phone number or your email address.  Though you can see your own email address on your profile, if you navigate to someone else’s profile, you will notice that you cannot see theirs.  This is the same for anyone else viewing your profile; your phone number and email address are hidden.  Other users on your account can, however, message you directly in the application.  Dringo will then email you notifying you that you have a new message waiting for you on Dringo.  This messaging feature allows for other users to contact you while protecting your private contact info.