How To Upload Your Members

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Uploading your members is the most complicated thing you’ll have to do setting up Dringo.  This FAQ will walk you through it.

Step 1. Filtering Your Data
The first step is to download your user data from whatever you currently use as a CRM, and filter out those members you don’t want to upload.  We recommend preparing your data in an Excel or other spreadsheet. 

Member Data You Don’t Want:
  • Deceased members
  • Members you don’t have a good email for

Step 2. Formatting Your Data
Now that you’ve filtered out all the data you don’t want, you need to format the good data for upload.  You can find a template spreadsheet and download for your own use here.

Required Columns:
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Chapter Name
    • Typically fraternities use the Greek letters of their chapter, such as “Alpha Alpha”
  • Alumni
    • Your response for each individual must be either “TRUE” if they are an alum, or “FALSE” if they are not an alum.
  • University Name

Optional Columns:
  • Phone Number
  • City
  • State
  • Current Company Name
  • Position
  • Major
  • Graduation Year
  • CRM Id
  • Secondary Email

You can also find this template spreadsheet and download for your own use here.

If you are having trouble with this process, please do not hesitate to call us for help, at 775-657-5971.

Step 3. Uploading Your Data
After your data is all in order, download your spreadsheet as a CSV.  Log into your account on Dringo, and navigate to Dashboard -> Add Members and scroll down to the second card which reads “Upload Members.”  Now, click “Choose file” and select the CSV you just downloaded in this step. 

WARNING! Be absolutely sure you are happy with your email template, and that your data is correct before clicking “upload.”  If you’re not absolutely sure, call us!  There is no going back; the invite emails to your members will go out as soon as the upload is complete.  Once you are sure, click the “Upload” button that has appeared, and sit back while your members are invited.  Please be patient; this process may take hours to complete.  We will send you an email when the process is done.

What Happens If a Record Has a Problem?
During the upload, if we run into a problem with one of the rows in your CSV, we’ll create a new CSV called Bad Users” and add what we can find on that row to that CSV.  Once the upload is completed, we will send what is in the “Bad Users” CSV back to you in an email.  You can go through that CSV, fix the records, and reupload it at your convenience.