I Never Received An Invite, How Do I Join My Account?

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Before you assume you didn’t get an invite email, please double check your email.  Did your invite link land in spam, or one of your other folders?  If you are sure you didn’t get one, you can request to be added to your organization's account.  

To request to join an account, please first select the organization you are a part of by going here.  Once you’ve selected your account, you will land on its sign-in page.  DON’T try to sign in with LinkedIn, or anything else, it will not work.  Click on the link at the bottom of the sign-in form that says “Request new account.”

From there you will be asked to put in your email.  Use whichever email you most commonly use in everyday life and click “check email.”  If your email is found, you’re done!  Check your email inbox for your invite.  If your email was NOT found, you will see a new button at the bottom of the form called “Request access.”  Click on that. 

You will see a new form called “Request Account.”  Fill in the information asked for, and submit the form.  

After this you will have to wait for one of your organization’s account managers to get to your request and approve you.  Once they approve you, you will receive your invite email.

Note: submitting multiple account requests will not increase your chances of being admitted, nor will contacting Dringo directly.  We cannot add people to accounts.  If you are worried about your request, please contact your organization.