How To Use Dringo

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On Dringo, you can search jobs just like any other job board.  But Dringo is more than just a job board.  On Dringo, you can message inside connections you have at jobs to get info and even referrals.

Why would you want to do that?  Because if you just apply to the job, you have a mere 2% chance of getting an interview. 

Percentage of applicants who get an interview with just an application:

As a job seeker, no matter what job board you’re on,  just applying is betting against the odds.  On Dringo, you have another, far superior option:  you can contact your inside connections about the job to get a referral! 

Every single job on Dringo has inside connections -- people who belong to the same private group you do, and who are already working for the company you want to work for, maybe even in the same department.  In fact, we rank the jobs you see based on industry, location and department, so the best connections, the ones closest to the job you want, will be at the top of the list.  You can click on these people and message them directly.  

What should you say to these connections?  Well, these people are all fellow members of your organization.  They will likely enjoy helping you.  So pretty much anything would be fine.  That being said, a good place to start is to just to tell them why you’re reaching out.  You could write: 

“Hi, so and so, I found you on my organization’s job board, and am really interested in this job.  Do you have a few minutes some time this week or next for a phone call?  I just had a few questions about what it’s like to work there, and how you think I should go about getting noticed so I can land an interview.  Thanks for the help.”  

If you’re thinking this sounds awkward, and that you’d rather just keep submitting resumes, think again.   70% of all jobs in the United States are filled through networking and referrals. 

If you really want that job, you need to network for it.    The best jobs out there aren’t being filled through job boards alone.  Dringo provides you with a super easy way to search for and network for jobs.  Get started today!