What Are Job Connections?

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Job connections "Connections" "Connection" are the fellow members in your organization who can help you land a job.  Connections exist inside jobs, and will differ depending on which job you've selected.  The Connections on a job are listed in order of how closely we think they are involved with the job.  To give an example: If a Connection is within a few miles of the job, we will assume that this Connection works in the same office as the job that is being offered which will increase that Connection's rating.  If that Connection is not only close to the job, but also in the same department, that will further boost the Connection's rating in the list of possible Connections on the job.

Why Are Connections Important?
The point of Connections is to allow you to get a leg up on landing that job.  The odds of you landing a specific job jump over 50% if you have an internal referral.  Why would a Connection you've never met be a referral for you?  Because you are part of the same organization.  We've seen the likelihood of a Connection being happy to help is over 80%.  After initial contact with a Connection, it's up to you to make a stronger tie so you can get a referral.

How Do I Contact A Connection?
On a job, you will see at least one Connection.  You can click on any Connection you find on a job, which will reveal more information about the Connection.  If you like, you can click the LinkedIn button on the Connection's profile to see even more information about them.  If you decide you would like to reach out to a Connection you've found, all you need to do is click "message" on their profile, and write a message to them.  We then send your message directly to their email so they are more likely to respond.  If they respond to you, you will get an email notifying you that you have a new message!