How Do We Get Jobs?

How Does Dringo Work? All FAQs
If you’ve read any of our front pages, you’ve probably realized that the really cool thing we do is auto-populate all the jobs automatically without anyone needing to post a single one.  But how do we do that?  Without giving away our “special sauce,” I’ll do my best to answer that.

Where do the jobs come from in the first place?
The jobs themselves all come from a company called LinkUp.  LinkUp is a job aggregator, similar to Indeed.  A job aggregator, in case you don’t know, is a company whose primary goal is to find every job that exists online and put it in one place.  LinkUp’s spin on this is that they only pull from RSS and API feeds directly from verified company websites.  The result is that all of LinkUp’s jobs are real jobs received directly from the employers, not sham jobs posted by recruiters, shady characters or scam artists.  We have partnered with LinkUp, and get millions of fresh jobs from all over the United States daily.

How do we know which jobs are part of your network?
What’s so special about Dringo is that we take the millions of jobs that LinkUp gives us, and narrow them down to only the jobs within your group’s network.  Which jobs are these?  That all depends on WHO is part of your group.  On Dringo, each person in a group represents the company they work at.  To give an example: Let’s say a group has 1000 members, and those members work at 1000 different companies.  All 1000 of those companies would then become part of the group’s network, and, in turn, all of the jobs those 1000 companies are currently hiring for would also become part of the network.  We take the millions of jobs from LinkUp, we look at the companies offering them, and throw out any job we find that isn’t part of your network’s 1000 companies.  The remaining jobs are posted to your group’s Dringo job board.  We also attach your group’s company representatives to their respective jobs, and provide a means for members to contact those representatives.  Check out the diagram below to get a visual of this process:

We don’t stop here, of course; our matching process also uses industry and location to ensure quality job connections.  You can find more info about how we do that here.