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There seems to be confusion between the university career center platform, Handshake (among others), and Dringo.  The common misconception is that Handshake and Dringo are at odds, or are competing platforms.  This is false.  Though Handshake and Dringo are similar, it’s not possible to say that Handshake is a replacement for Dringo, or vice versa.  

To break this down quickly, Handshake’s job board shows jobs employers specifically post to your university, with a way for your students to apply.  That’s it.

Dringo shows your students which jobs exist in the US where they have inside connections and referral opportunities through their alumni network, a way to contact alumni insider connections, and a way to apply.  

We do this through powerful data analytics and partnerships with job aggregators.  Here are a couple of use cases as seen on Handshake, and then on Dringo:

On Handshake, employers post jobs, and students apply.  When a student applies, he is throwing his hat in the ring with the other 100 to 1000 students who did the same thing from schools all around the US.  

On Dringo, jobs are imported automatically if there is an alumni connection to the job.  Jobs are prioritized by how strongly an alum from your university is tied to the job.  When a student views a job, she sees all the alumni connections she has to that job.  Dringo enables students to network with the alumni connections they find on jobs, gaining referrals, and thus a 50%+ boost in initial interview likelihood over any job they might have applied to on Handshake.  

So why wouldn’t Dringo just replace Handshake?  Handshake does all the other stuff that career services needs, like career fair planning, event management, appointments, etc.  We at Dringo don’t really care about that stuff.  We care about doing an amazing job at analyzing data to show your students where they can get referrals to jobs through their alumni network, thus increasing their chances of landing jobs by over 50%.  

In actuality, Handshake and Dringo can live in perfect harmony on a single college campus.  Handshake is used by career services to manage all the awesome stuff that career services does like meet with students one on one, plan job fairs, mass email students, allow employers to directly post jobs, etc.  Dringo shows your students all the jobs in the US they could get a referral to because of their alumni network and gives them the means to reach out to their insider connections for information, advice and referrals.  Common sense and statistics prove overwhelmingly that a referral to a job vastly increases a student’s chances of landing an interview, making the jobs on Dringo far more valuable than the ones found on Handshake.

Note: If at the end of this FAQ, you’re having a weird feeling that LinkedIn does what Dringo does, please head to LinkedIn’s job search, and try to search jobs by your alumni connections.  You won’t be able to.